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Underground Swing Compactor

Blends in with the Environment

The underground Swing compactor is an ideal space saving, clean waste collection solution that does not compromise the aesthetics of the environment. The Swing compactor continually compresses waste and is hidden under the ground with only a litter bin visible above ground.

Ecological Technology

Large amounts of waste can be collected meaning that operating costs, including the fuel used for collection and truck maintenance costs, are reduced. This in turn provides an environmental upside generating less carbon in heavily populated urban areas that already suffer from significant pollution.

Hygienic Irrespective of Weather

Hot weather conditions can cause waste to produce an unpleasant odor impacting local inhabitants. However, waste kept underground is cooler and therefore reduces the risk of odour resulting in a more hygienic and pleasant environment. 

    Space saving solution for challenging urban enivronments

    Ideal for high traffic areas where significant waste is generated

    Reduces requency of collection and associated cost

    Underground temperature is cooler creating less odour 

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