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Considering establishing yourself in the Baltic States? Need good return on invest on your back-office functions, service centre, IT engineering but want to keep in in-house?

We are your partner or project manager for a seamless establishment of a division or office in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia. Our partnership with leading specialists in a range of field allows us to assist in identifying and delivering on the key aspects of a successful implementation:

The Bussiness Purpose

Covers issues like identifying deliverables, KPI, process optimisation, communication


Covers real estate, staffing the right persons for delivering on the business purpose, documentation and registration, documentation and compliance with local legislation, vendors, suppliers, utility providers


We can effectively deliver resources at competitive cost. Having a Norwegian specialist on the ground will help you avoid pit-holes and delays for your project.

We will help establish a local corporate culture with teams that consist of employees that are effectively delivering on your goals and objectives. We can offer the option of a “proof of delivery” period before you incorporate the team into your organization.

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