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Considering establishing yourself in the Baltic States?

Need good return on invest on your back-office functions, service centre, IT engineering but want to keep in in-house?

We are your partner or project manager for a seamless establishment of a division or office in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia. Our partnership with leading specialists in a range of field allows us to assist in identifying and delivering on the key aspects of a successful implementation.


Frode Aasheim is an accredited Double Loop Learning practitioner from Consulting People in the UK.

 Together with Consulting People we offer a range of Double Loop Learning based approaches to personal and professional development. As the requirements of our businesses change, inevitably we need to shift how we contribute to our team and learn how to do this in anticipation of, or in response to, new challenges. Additionally, we may grow and want to seek new opportunities in and beyond the world of work and support at times of personal transition can be invaluable.


Our range of wastecare products offer market-leading technology delivering conveniece, cleanliness and simplicity for all your waste disposal requirements.

We offer self driven compactors which are remote operated and ideal for when space is limited, 240 V compactors for residential and commercial sites where less power options are available, fully underground Swing compactors for high traffic areas where space is limited and detachable compactors for flexibility and use with trucks and tractors.


GWG Waste to energy converts municipal solid waste to usable electrical, liquid and heat energy with approaching zero emission and landfill residues.

GWG waste to energy comprises robust technology that is based on more than 10 years of research and industrial trials. GWG solutions have the flexibility to be adapted to any municipal waste stream. Depending on local market demand the technology can be designed to produce a range of energy outputs - electricity, gas, heat, liquid fuel.

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